I started producing short skits posted on youtube back in the summer of 2012. Earlier that year I had left my job, apartment, friends, girlfriend and brothers all behind in the bustling city of Portland OR and moved to small frontier town Prairie City, East Oregon. It was a move made in the hopes of a grand new chapter full of travel and new experiences. The dreams of which had been set in my mind many months before hand. However, it was finally the news of my parents house nearly burning to the ground that finally pulled the trigger. After packing I left my home 300 miles across the state. It was in a town of 1,100 residents where I began to rediscover myself. Still amazes me what I think I think I know about myself until I am removed from what is my ‘norm’. In a place completely surrounded by wilderness with very little people you learn to like at least two things… That’s right, People and Nature. Now to ask anyone who knows me, yes, I have always liked these things. But once again… change your surroundings and you will learn new things about yourself. I’ll paraphrase that old saying: can’t have what you want but will always want what you can’t have. So it came to be that I initially rejected my new environment. Despite my strong attachment to natural beauty and love for human relations I had become introverted. I had refused to accept this new dwelling as my home and often faced the realization of all that I had left behind.

It was one afternoon in the late spring at one of my favorite reflection spots where I captured my first time lapse film. Higher up in the Mountain range it was a Warm 70° day. The sun was beaming upon the snow capped Mountain tops producing a constant plum of rolling clouds. A slow breeze shook the grass as birds chirped and cows spoke their presence. It was peaceful and all to myself. It was my goal to capture such serenity and so I took the shots. A picture once every ten seconds for over an hour to produce no more than a minutes worth of footage.

From that point forward I discovered a new hobby and new passion. My mind was flooded with many ideas most of which was either out of my technological abilities or I simply lacked a passionate crew to realize them. However, I had myself and the willingness. So along the way I have produced dozens of videos with the attempt to create a feeling, idea, or just for the heck of it.

All in all its been a great learning experience and it has connected me with many great people. Below is the link to my youTube Channel. Please feel free to browse through at your convenience.

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