It was Jan 01, 2014 (9:02am).

Simplistic Beauty. Its Art – Humans, Nature, Human Nature, Relationships, Behaviors, Perceptions, Systems, Functions, Energy and Time. All this information in front of us daily – every thinking second. From every angle to every sense we are bombarded with information. Ironic in its development that we have learned to focus our attention on the task at hand, yet truly overlooking really what is ‘at hand’. You see at this moment I am formulating my desired thought to be expressed through the typed writing on this subject. Focused I may be to appropriately portray that thought, yet every motion in between has been completely disregarded. Example: In the sense to be living, is to be alive. In the stream of time, the past can only be remembered and the future anticipated. But at this moment; it is here, it is now, it is ‘Live’ – thus being Alive. When I press these keys – will I take the time to reassure my presence by feeling the edges, curves and complete texture of the keyboard? Will I be aware of the scent in my nose or the air in my lungs? Or the reminiscent sour flavors of my fruit smoothie? How about the sound of the refrigerator’s running compressor, passing cars on the street, chirping birds in the back, down to every click of every letter typed. Am I truly aware of the cushions counter pressure from my couch to my back and legs. The warmth of this laptop on top of my lap. Even the ambiance created from the tone of light has affected my consciousness, sub (aka – below) my focus. And so… the realization and role of our subconscious.